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Can You Steam Clothes That Are Dry Clean Only?

I have a bunch of nice, dressy dry clean only garments, such as blouses, cardigans and dresses. This may sound like a dumb question, but can I use a clothes steamer on them instead of taking them to the dry cleaners? Also, is there a setting on my dryer/washer at home that I can use on them? Thanks!

I Want To To Ask For Shark Steam Cleaner.. Input Please If You Own One Only!!! If Not I Will Give Negitive Re?

I want to ask for the shark steam cleaner.. I would like some input that own one. please the sooner the better…
If you dont have one or havent used one please DO NOT RESPONDE to this or i will give a thumps down on this….i have floors with grooves in them and i want to know if it would work on my floors or not.. because i do not want to spend 80 bucks on this if it doesnt work or not.. Please i beg be honest!!

My Shark Steam Floor Cleaner Died After Only 1 Year Is That Normal?

It ran me $80 at Target. Can I get it fixed or just buy another?

Shark Steam Cleaner