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I Was Trying To Vacuum My Carpet Last Day And Then All I Saw All Over My Carpet Was Black Spots, Help Me Clean

The spots look like black ink spots. They seem to be powdery because now they are all over my carpet. Is there an effective way to clean my carpet? Can steam vacuums help? Will I have to call professional cleaners to clean them? Any kinda help is appreciated!

Are Steam Cleaners Heated? When Would One Choose One Over A Non-heated Carpet Extractor?

the “heated” cleaners only keep the hot water hot longer. It may be just me but I don’t find it necessary. I don’t have a heater element for my steamcleaner. I always managed to get through a tank of hot water before the water cools too much. If you have a larger area to clean or find yourself constantly being interupted or needing to move things then a heated tank might be a good idea. I have an older hoover model. It still works beautifully.

Shark Steam Cleaner