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Do Portable Steam Cleaners Take Care Of Everyday Dirt On Furniture Or Are They Just For Grease Or Heavy Stains

use whenever on whatever you want.

Where Can I Find Portable Steam Cleaners In Canada?

Good Morning.
There are these stores thoughout the bigger malls called
The one here in Toronto is at the Eaton’s Centre.
(416) 598-9263
They have items like the Shark steamer and the Tobi.
There is also Ebay
Where you can find most anything anytime…… RIGHT here in Canada.
Best of Luck

Portable Steam Cleaners – Do They Really Work Well?

I have seen these portable steam cleaners on QVC and the Home Shopping Channel advertised and I’m just skeptical as to whether they would work and how long the machine would last. Anybody have any feedback on these things? thanks

Shark Steam Cleaner