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What’s The Best Carpet Cleaning Product In A Bottle/can?

I’ve used the stuff that they sell in most grocery stores…you know, the spray on foam, then wait until it dries and then vacuum. I haven’t found that to work very well.
Any other better products than this…perhaps industrial strength stuff? And are there better steam cleaners for rent other than the ones normally rented at grocery stores…however, I don’t want to spend too much money for the rental? Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What Product Is The Best For Cleaning Carpets?

Since I have 2 little ones our floor tends to get a lot of small spots on it. I’ve tried using Resolve foam but it got used up way to fast. I don’t think we have any actual stains, just food spills, dirt and what not. I do have a few black spots near my computer chair but I am not sure what they are from so I don’t know if they are stains or not. So what do you suggest to clean carpets. By the way, steam cleaners/deep cleaners are not an option right now.

Product Reveiw: Swivel Sweeper?

K, i have had hit or miss luck with “As seen on TV” products. I LOVE my Shark Steam Mop but hated my Tobi Garment Steamer. I hated my Magic Bullet but love my Bonzai Food Chopper. Now I have found my next “As seen…” product.
Its the Swivel Sweeper. I have 4 cats and 3 teenagers in my home and I am a clean freak. I currently have the Swiffer Vac and I do like it but it does not hold a charge long enough. I need a good sweeper that can work on low carpet and bare floors.
The Swivel Sweeper is getting mixed reviews. Everyone admits it works really well at picking every type of debris up and that it is really super easy to use BUT a few people complained that after just a few months the rechargeable battery goes.
Please, I really need a product like this for my home, can anyone give me a review on this product The Swivel Sweeper As Seen on TV?
In particular does anyone know if it is great for pet hair on bare floors?

What Is The Best Mop And/or Sollution Product For Cleaning Long Dirty Kitchen Floor (dried-in Stains)?

I saw the infomercial for the shark steam mop. Sounded and looked interesting, but online reviews have said it is only so-so, too flimsy of a handle apparently. I have also heard just stick with basic ammonia and water. Tile floor in the kitchen and dining room.

Have You Bought A Steam Product To Clean Your Laminate Floors? Like The Shark They Have Been Showing On Tv?

Did it work for you? My laminate floors look so dull and mopping isn’t getting the shine back in them. I was thinking of buying one of the steam products if they really work.

Shark Steam Cleaner