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Carpet Steam Cleaner Enzyme Products?

Can anyone suggest a powerful Enzyme cleaner that is safe to use in steam cleaners? I’m using Bissel Pet and Odor remover, but my dogs can still detect the odor (while I can’t). My dog trainer told me to use a solution with Enzyme’s. I found a few products on the web, but I would like to buy it locally.
Any help would be appreciated.

Products That U Use In Steam Cleaners?

ok so i am renting one of those big steam cleaners and the solution is very expensive i am wondering what u used in a steam cleaner that was less expensive? the carpets in our new place are old and have some stains and our daughter just started crawling so we need it to be as clean as possible…thank u

Can Anyone Tell Me The Name Of The Company Which Makes Commercials For Euro-pro Shark Products?

You’ve probably seen the info-mercials for the euro-pro shark vacuum or their steam in a bottle cleaner.
I’m trying to find out the name of the folks who make those commercials and distribute the products so that I can visit their website. I’ve been there before but I can’t remember the name of the site. Thanks.

Shark Steam Cleaner