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Advantages/disadvantages Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs Rug – Doctor?

We just bought a house and wanted the carpet/steam cleaning professionally. It has carpet in the living, dining, 4 bedrooms, 1 family room areas and the quotes we got are anywhere from $350 – $500. The carpet is 10 years old, isn’t bad at all and has no major stains but just regular wear and tear of 10 years. We are thinking about replacing the carpet in the living room, dining areas with hardwood in 3-6 months time period. Since the cleaning is so expensive we also thought about renting a rug doctor to do the cleaning ourselves. But we are not sure what the rug doctor can’t do that the professional cleaners can. We need some advice on how to proceed? Do we go ahead and shell out the 500$ or just rent a rug doctor for about 50$ and do it ourselves. What are the major disadvantages with rugdoctor? What do you all suggest?

How Much Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Cost?

We have 4 rooms that need steam cleaned, as well as our couch and love seat. And a futon if they can be done.

Can Very Long Shag Rug Be Cleaned With A Professional Steam Cleaner?…

I’m thinking of buying a shag rug similar to this type. I have 2 boys and a dog…so it will need to be steam cleaned every now and then. I’m wondering if those are cleanable with professional steam cleaners, or if the sucking action will tear up the rug. Figured it would be good to find out before I buy one! Thanks!

Professional Car Detailing Or Do It Yourself By Renting Steam Cleaner From Grocery Store?

I’ve never had my car detailed. My carpet has gone though years of coffee spills and spot cleaning. I recently called a local detailer and found out they charge $179. I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried to detail themselves by renting the steam cleaners at the grocery store or if I should just pay the money for the detailing.

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