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How Can You Remove Antique Cherry Colored Varnish From A Rug?

Had rugs steam cleaned and moved a”Martha Washington” table onto a rug I had not know the cleaners had already done.Whan I moved it back into place there were colored varnish marks. I tried; GoofOff, Oops, Gonezo,Resolve, Acetone and a variety of other ideas from people. My house is on the market for sale. They gotta go!!!!!!!!! Help! If anyone has an idea I would appreciate the feed back. Thank you, “K” from Southern New Jersey. Oh, the rug is a light grey color.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Fur And Loose Dirt?

I was told my new apartment carpets had been steam cleaned, yet when I used a vacuum cleaner on them afterwards, I had two entire canisters full of loose dirt and what looks like cat fur.
I would like to know if the real estate agent really did send a cleaner through and that is a normal outcome, or whether they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes and they didn’t likely send cleaners through the apartment.

Do You Find Steam Cleaners Work To Remove Stubborn Stains On Carpets.?

I clean carpets as part of my job and they will get alot clean but there are some stains that are impossible to my knowledge to remove no matter what chemicals you try.

Shark Steam Cleaner