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Selling House — New Flooring?

Ok, question about selling a house–
Even though I’ve only been at my house for a year and a half, our carpets are NASTY (6 animals who get “scared” during thunder storms plus Georgia red clay plus some spilled paint, none of which has totally come out even with steam cleaners)
I’m thinking about moving in the summer of 08. Would it be a better investment to
A) Leave the carpets in all their glory and just offer the owners extra money to do what they want with them?
B) put down hardwood floors?
C) get the hardwood-eque flooring that you can get cheap at Ikea?
Also, what do you do about paint? Repaint to a neutral boring color, or just offer a giftcard? My house is colorful in a good way (like cottage greens, blues, and yellows)

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