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Should I Use My 1800 Deposit As Last Months Rent.?

I have been an ideal tenent using direct deposit and paying a week early every month for a year. I am about to move and my landlord dosent want me to go so he offered to lower my rent, but I found a place that will save me 475.00 a month. I feel he is going to keep my deposit out of bitterness. When I first moved in he refused to to a walkthrough with me because he was really busy. The back door doesnt lock on the slider, the carpets were filthy, the oven and dishwasher didnt work(which he asked me to buy and install and take off rent). So I requested in writing to use the security deposit towards last months rent and agree to an immeadete walkthrough as well as a final and he refused. I think he is gong to use the security towards all the things I mentioned (carpet and broken slider door). So Should I just keep last months rent and tell him to keep my deposit? I am leaving house sparkling and hiring steam cleaners.

Should I Get A Steamer For My Wedding Dress Or Risk It At The Dry Cleaners?

I bought my wedding dress online and it was shipped to me in a TINY box. It has all these wrinkles and I’ve let hang to try and get them out, but it didn’t work. I don’t want to risk putting an iron to it! I’ve never taken anything to the cleaners either, but I’ve heard horrible stories. I was thinking about getting a TOBI steam cleaner or a Rowenta Garment Steamer. Are either of these good or should I just pay to get it done somewhere. I thought about the steamers because I could use it for other household chores too. Thanks!

Ok What Exactly Should You Do If You Accidentally Inhale Bathroom Cleaners / Bleach?

I don’t want to go to a doctor unless it doesn’t get better. It was bathroom products that contained bleach (yes I had the windows open) it was either that or mold.. either way what should I do? Is it better to drink something or not drink something? I heard it’s good to inhale steam or is that actually worse? PLEASE give me links if you can – I can’t find any

Should I Buy A Fabric Steamer Instead Of Spending $$$ To The Cleaners?

In an effort to save money I am considering on buying a fabric steamer instead of taking my clothes to the cleaners (It’s gotten very expensive). I understand this steamers remove wrinkles but I was wondering if the steam actually cleans the clothes (removes dust, dirt or spots)
Thank You

Should I Take My Veil To The Cleaners To Steam Out The Wrinkles?

my veil is 3 tiers with rhinestones and ribbon trim. when i got it from ebay it came wrinkled.

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