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How To Get Smoke Out Of A Prom Dress?

Well I just bought my prom dress from a good friend of mine, I got a great deal. The problem is, her parents smoke so the dress reeks of smoke. I’ve tried putting a bowl of vinegar in my room and using candles and it seemed to be helping a bit, then I tried steaming it in my bathroom with the shower and that seemed to bring the smoky smell out even more. Other than taking it to the cleaners, does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance!

Can’t Get Smoke Smell Out Of Vintage Dress.?

I got this vintage dress from my mother ,who smokes, but it reeks of smoke and i need a way to get the smell out fast! *i don’t have time to take it to a cleaners* any tips? maybe steaming it in the bathroom with the shower on? Febreaze? im not sure.

Shark Steam Cleaner