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How Do I Get A Female Beagle To Stay Out Of The Trash? How To Get Same Dog To Stop Peeing On The Landing?

We have 2 beagles, both about a year old. The female won’t stay out of the trash. She has been spanked, yelled at, various methods. We have been trying the “Dog Whisperers’ ” methods for the past month. Nothing works. HELP! Also, she continues to pee on the landing of the stairs. We thoroughly steam clean this landing at least twice a week (bought the machine because of this problem) with pet stain and odor removal cleaners. Again, nothing breaks this behavior. Yes, she is given plenty of access to the outside. It being summer, the door is left open for them to go in and out at will. I have seen her go out, pee and minutes later I go upstairs and the landing is wet. Please HELP! Our patience is wearing thin. Love her to bits, but this has got to stop! We do not have these problems with the male. We’d just like him to quit thinking of the cat as a playtoy, but we think the cat really enjoys the excercise!

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