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Steam & Wool Suits?

Hey guys, have a question for ya. A wool suit of mine has some wrinkles in it. I don’t really have time to take it to the cleaners, so I was wondering if I ran the shower extra hot in my bathroom and got the entire room really steamy, and hung the suit up in the room, away from the water of course, will that help smooth out some of the wrinkles? I have heard that you can do it, but I don’t want to ruin my suit. Any advice would be great!

My Veil Is Crushed! Can I Iron Or Steam It? Help!?

I got married almost two years ago, and then I lost my veil, which my best friend gave me as a gift. She’s getting married in a few days and she is using my veil, which I’ve finally found. It’s badly crushed! I’m not in the USA and I can’t get it cleaned and returned in time for her wedding. Dry cleaners don’t have a quick turn-around time here.
It’s made of netting with small pearls and diamantes on it. Can I iron it? Can I steam it? Will that make it look less crushed? Help!

After Steam Cleaning A Carpet Will The Cleaning Agents Cause It To Glow Under A Blacklight?

My former apartment management is tying to charge me $1700 to replace the carpet in the apartment i lived in because according to them, “the whole entire carpet glowed when they performed a blacklight inspection.” I did have a pet in the apt and yes he did mess on the carpet a time or 3. I purchased a hoover steam cleaner and detergent before checking out and cleaned the carpets 2x before the inspection. Once in the morning the day of the inspection. when this was accomplished the carpet was in better condition then when i moved in. I was informed that the carpet may have been slightly damp and that along with the cleaners could have caused the carpet to glow. Any advice that any one can give would be greatly appreciated.

There Is Steam Coming From My Toilet?

Ok well it was yesterday and it has stopped but it was scary. I was cleaning the bathroom and poured in “The works” bowl cleaner after a couple seconds there was a thick steam or fog coming out of the toilet bowl! I hadn’t put any other cleaners in the toilet but I had used a different cleaner for the rest of the bathroom-could over spray have made mustard gas?! Anyone have any ideas what caused this?
Thank you-

The Haan Steam Mop Infomercial:( Stuck Once Again!!?

I keep seeing an ad about a steam mop by Hann and (of course) They say it’s the best. I was jut wondering if anyone has used this, and If it was worth buying. If somone knows of any better steam cleaning mop that will clean wood floors,tile and some kind of stone floors. I would be SO happy…I have not been a bit happy with my maids. They do not do what they say! So I have to clean a 5,200sq foot house ALONE and it’s a *****. But I would rather me do it right…Oh by the way, does anyone have any FABULOUS cleaners here on the eastside of seattle. I could really use some input. Thanks so much!!!

Shark Steam Cleaner