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Advice On A Steam-cleaner To Tackle Lots Of Old Pet Stains?

I need some advice on the best steam cleaners to get old urine stains out of carpet. I pet-sit a 5 month old English Bulldog puppy and also help with a lot of his training, and a couple weeks ago his owner has told me that he’s having difficulty housebreaking the pup. Their carpet is such a color/pattern that you cannot really see any stains, but I am sure that puppy can smell them, so I went out and bought a black light from PetSmart to help pinpoint his “spots” I was completely overwhelmed (and a bit disgusted) by the number of stains I found with that thing. Bought some Nature’s Miracle and got to work on them, but it takes SO much product to neutralize a stain, I’ve gone through 3 bottles in no time at all and have made very, VERY little progress.
I’ve decided that this is definitely going to require a good steam cleaner. Should I rent, or buy?
If I buy one it would be from Kohl’s (my mom actually offered to buy one for me if she can also use it whenever she needs) so I’ve provided that link. Let me know if any of those are decent for cleaning LOTS of urine from carpet AND furniture. Also if the cleaning solutions for those things are really safe for pets, or if I’d have to rely on steam alone to lift the stains (I’m guessing that would make a difference in the machine’s effectiveness).‚Ķ
About renting — are the rental machines considerably better at cleaning than a machine I could buy? What places rent steam cleaners, and how much might they cost?
Sorry this is so long…. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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