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Should I Get A Steamer For My Wedding Dress Or Risk It At The Dry Cleaners?

I bought my wedding dress online and it was shipped to me in a TINY box. It has all these wrinkles and I’ve let hang to try and get them out, but it didn’t work. I don’t want to risk putting an iron to it! I’ve never taken anything to the cleaners either, but I’ve heard horrible stories. I was thinking about getting a TOBI steam cleaner or a Rowenta Garment Steamer. Are either of these good or should I just pay to get it done somewhere. I thought about the steamers because I could use it for other household chores too. Thanks!

Advice On What Jewelry Steamer To Buy: Sharpertek 1450 Watts; Jewel Jet Or Saltonjw10.?

I am debating between these three products since the ultrasonic models are horrible. What do you think? Jewelers use steam cleaners and these do too so I was looking into purchasing a consumer clean steamer model. Thanks.

Should I Buy A Fabric Steamer Instead Of Spending $$$ To The Cleaners?

In an effort to save money I am considering on buying a fabric steamer instead of taking my clothes to the cleaners (It’s gotten very expensive). I understand this steamers remove wrinkles but I was wondering if the steam actually cleans the clothes (removes dust, dirt or spots)
Thank You

Can I Use Carpet Steamer Cleaner In A Carpet Shampooer?

The Oxy bottle says use only in Steam Cleaners but does it matter if I use it in a Eureka OptiHeat Carpet Cleaner?

Are Steamer Carpet Cleaners Really Steamers?

A lot of carpet cleaners are called steam cleaners or steamers but reading their literature there is no mention of how steam is produced or used.
It would seem a misuse of the nomenclature.

Shark Steam Cleaner