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Steam Mops & Hardwood Floors – What’s Up With The Streaking And Spotting?

I have 800 sq ft of recently refinished hardwood flooring. I use a stick to pick up cat hair, dust and the like, but I need some way to clean dirt and such that adheres to the surface. My floor guy told me that to mix a little dish soap and water in a spray bottle, lightly spay a cotton cloth and use that to clean the floors. I tried that a couple of times, but that’s a bit much work for me.
So I’ve been researching steam mops, focusing on the Bissell and Shark models. Most of the online reviews are positive, but I see some complaints of streaks and/or water spots. Anyone know if this is common or what can be done to prevent it? My floors are the color of honey and we have a satin polyurethane on them so even when clean, it’s not a high gloss, if this matters.
If there’s another wood floor safe option, I’d love to hear it!

Shark Steam Cleaner