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How Do I Know When I Have To Dry Clean My Suits Rather Than Just Getting Them Steam Pressed?

When suits are dry cleaned they come back with a stronger scent (which I don’t like) than when they are steam pressed. Thus, I prefer to get them steam pressed (it’s also cheaper). After having my suits steam pressed last month, they looked and felt perfectly clean to me. Even though I wear the same two jackets, two pants, and one skirt four days each week, I only take them to the cleaners once a month. This is my second month of wearing them, and I am going to take them in tonight.
Do you think that I need to get them dry cleaned rather than steam pressed? If so, why?
Thank you!!!

Are Steam Carpet Cleaners More Efficient Than Carpet Washing Cleaners.?

I like them better as they dry alot quicker than other carpet cleaning brands and doesnt take as long as they remove smells and stains quicker too…

Shark Steam Cleaner