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Does Anyone Know A Good Recipe For Homemade Carpet Cleaner? Something That You Have Tried With Great Results?

I have steam cleaned my carpets for years myself. I do not like the cleaners currently available and thought I would try some homemade remedies. Has someone got a recipe that they have used themselves or seen used that really works well? I see them listed from time to time but have not tried any so please help? Thanks.

Is There A Cleaner That Keeps Carpet Stains From Coming Back??

I have cream colored burber (spelling?) carpet and I’ve had them steam cleaned and used other “spot” cleaners only to have the dirt come back. The high traffic areas are the worst. Yesterday I tried Oxy-clean so I’m waiting to see if all the stains come back again. Granted this place IS a rental, it still annoys me, lol.
My husband tells me the reason stains come back is because the soap attracts the dirt. Why when you steam clean with pure water do the stains come back? Soap isn’t involved!
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

What Is The 0.01 % Of Germs That Cant Be Killed?

I see these ads for cleaners that can kill 99.99% of germs. What germs cant be killed by steam cleaners, 409, ivory, etc?

I Am Looking For A Versatile Steam Cleaner That Can Do Floors As Well As Detail Kitchen And Bathroom Cleaning.?

I have looked at several steam cleaners. I need one that will do a great job on tile, hardwood and carpet. The Haan supposedly leaves the carpet dry, and I like that very much. It also has an optional short handle that allows you to clean upholstery and bedding—something that I need for a child who has asthma. But it doesn’t seem to do the detail bathroom and kitchen cleaning that I am also looking for.
A friend who has one of the Monsters swears by its ability to clean the kitchen. She even steam cleans the inside of her oven with it. I need a product that does both detail cleaning and floors.
Does anyone have any success stories? I am a single, working mom. The cleaner needs to be affordable and easy to use.

Can You Steam Clothes That Are Dry Clean Only?

I have a bunch of nice, dressy dry clean only garments, such as blouses, cardigans and dresses. This may sound like a dumb question, but can I use a clothes steamer on them instead of taking them to the dry cleaners? Also, is there a setting on my dryer/washer at home that I can use on them? Thanks!

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