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I Was Trying To Vacuum My Carpet Last Day And Then All I Saw All Over My Carpet Was Black Spots, Help Me Clean

The spots look like black ink spots. They seem to be powdery because now they are all over my carpet. Is there an effective way to clean my carpet? Can steam vacuums help? Will I have to call professional cleaners to clean them? Any kinda help is appreciated!

Can I Use Enzyme Cleaners To Spot Spray For Dog Urine Spots On Carpet And Then Steam Clean It Afterwards?

I have a 7 month old min pin and I am having a really hard time trying to get her housebroken. She won’t go to the bathroom outside much especially when I’m out there it seems like she doesn’t want anyone to watch her go and then last night we fell asleep on the couch and she peed on the couch and it got on me too. This is becoming an impossible task. I have steam cleaned my carpet like 5 times already and it will smell good until it dries and then I can smell the urine again. so I read an article on ehow that said you could mix a solution in the part of the steam cleaner where you put the water of a capful of each: vinegar, dish washing soap, liquid odor neutralizer and anti-foamer. Then you put warm water to the fill line. I also bought the soap for the pet odors that I usually buy to use in the part where you put the soap in.
I also bought some of that enzyme cleaner called OUT! that I heard was good and it said that the enzymes would actually neutralize the odor where the dog can’t even smell it anymore. The only thing is I was thinking about trying to spray the OUT spray on the spots that I find before I steam clean but I read where you shouldn’t mix enzyme cleaner with other products. I just want my house not to smell like this anymore and don’t want to waste my time if it’s not going to work. Does anyone have any suggestions???

Shark Steam Cleaner