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Where Do I Look For A Thorough House Cleaning?

I searched for house cleaners in my area, but most results returned basic maid service (dusting/vacuuming). I need a full team to come and “redo the place.”
I just moved home from college for the summer. My parents house is a mess. They both work full time, and do not have the time (or when they do; the energy) to clean the house. Furthermore they have two dogs that are NOT house trained. The whole house smells like dog urine and…fecal matter.
I am looking for a cleaning team to come and move the furniture, scrub the floors, deep steam clean the carpet/upholstery, take stuff off shelves, clean shelves, disinfect kitchen/bathroom, etc. (Everything involved in rejuvenating a house that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in years).
So as you can see, I need more than just a maid, but I do not know what I would search for. What kind of business should I be contacting? How much am I looking to pay for this? How do I find a reputable company that I don’t have to worry about stealing stuff?

Shark Steam Cleaner