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Do Those Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners Really Work Well?

I have some minor dirt stains in my beige carpet from my kids. Not such a big deal that I want to replace carpet but I’d like to deep clean it for the holidays. I purchased a steam cleaner from Walmart and I wasn’t impressed. My last resort is to rent a rug doctor. Just wanted to get anybody’s opinion whose used one before. Thanks.

Does Anyone Here Have One Of Those Bare Floor Steam Cleaners? ?

if so, what brand do you have, and do you like it?

How Do Those Steam Clean Carpet Cleaners Help When They Use Water, Which Goes To The Carpet Padding?

What about mold growth? All the water does not get “sucked” out because the carpet stays wet.

Do Those Steam Cleaners Like, Steam Shark Etc.. Really Kill All Of The Bacterium And Viruses On Your Floor?

From my understanding some viruses can last up to 72 hours and it takes 3 minutes of high heat to kill them. I worked in a lab so this has me curious.

Those Steam Cleaners You Can Carry On Your Shoulder?

Love them? Hate them? What’s your 2 cents!?! Thanks

Shark Steam Cleaner