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After Steam Cleaning A Carpet Will The Cleaning Agents Cause It To Glow Under A Blacklight?

My former apartment management is tying to charge me $1700 to replace the carpet in the apartment i lived in because according to them, “the whole entire carpet glowed when they performed a blacklight inspection.” I did have a pet in the apt and yes he did mess on the carpet a time or 3. I purchased a hoover steam cleaner and detergent before checking out and cleaned the carpets 2x before the inspection. Once in the morning the day of the inspection. when this was accomplished the carpet was in better condition then when i moved in. I was informed that the carpet may have been slightly damp and that along with the cleaners could have caused the carpet to glow. Any advice that any one can give would be greatly appreciated.

When Dry Cleaners Are Hard Pressed And Angry Do They Get Steamed And Hot Under The Collar?

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