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Recommendations On Upholstery Cleaners?

I am looking for a steam cleaner (or something similar) to use on my upholstery. I don’t have carpet so I have no need for a carpet cleaner with upholstery attachments. I have looked at several types like the Bissell Little Green Proheat but I have read mixed reviews. Can anyone suggest another cleaner that would work well? I would like it to cost less than $125.

Can Anyone Recommend A Great Steam Cleaner With A Small Attachment For Cleaning Car Upholstery?

i have been to a vacuum shop and mr caldwell says there are really no quality upright cleaners in his mind out there. once they establish themselves they go plastic on everything to watch costs. are there any out there of good or great quality that have small attachments for upholstery cleaning especially? thanks for your input

Are Steam Cleaners Worth Investing In For Cleaning Upholstery? Does Anyone Have Any Experience.?

I want to give my 3 piece suite a good clean and have been considering buying a steam cleaner.
Most of them I’ve looked at state their usefulness in the kitchen/bathroom and for mattresses etc., all of which would be handy, but only mention upholstery as an afterthought.
I’m not interested in carpet cleaners which is all I seem to get when I try a search.

Shark Steam Cleaner