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I’m Thinking Of Buying A Bissell Pro Heat 2 Upright Steam Cleaner, Do I Need To Also Have A Regular Vacuum?

Do I need to Vacuum up pet hair, etc before I use one of these Bissell Upright Steam Cleaners. I was going to purchase a new Bagless Bissell Pet Hair removal vacuum and the aile over I saw the Bissell Pro Heat cleaners for like 100 bucks more. Can I just get rid of my vacuum and use this steam cleaner instead or do you still need to vacuum before you clean. Or can I use steam cleaners without the water now and then just like a vacuum?

Upright Carpet (shampoo/steam) Cleaners ?

I’m looking for one with the best reviews. I looked on but couldn’t find anything. Good for pet stains.

What Are The Best Upright Steam Cleaners?

For carpets, a Hoover SteamVac. I love mine for general cleaning and for cleaning up spills. With a 5 year old, I do have spills from time to time.
For hard floors, (wood, vinyl, tile, etc.,), a Bissell Steam Mop. A friend of mine just got one of those and I’m in love with it! It cleans so fast and so well!

Shark Steam Cleaner