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Has Anyone Ever Used The Dryel Method Of Cleaning Laundry?

We just bought a new dryer and (much to my surprise) it has an option for steam cleaning on it. I want to know if it’s worth using or should I keep sending my clothes to the cleaners.

What Is The Best Clothes Steamer/steam Iron You Have Used?

What is the best clothes steamer/steam iron you have used, how much did it cost, and where did you purchase it?
My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, he has absolutely everything, so I want to get him something practical. He is in business so he’s always wearing slacks and button-ups and he is constantly having to iron. I want to get him one of the steamers so that his clothes will look like he got them from a dry cleaners and he won’t have to spend as much time getting the wrinkles out as he does when he irons them.

Has Anyone Used One Of The New Steam Floor Cleaners Yet?


Steam Vapor Cleaners – Have You Used One? Do You Own One?

I’ve been looking at the steam cleaners for household cleaning. I realize that they still require a wipe down after the steaming process…
what I’m wondering if if you own one or have used one, and what your opinion of them is, how well they work for that deep gunk, etc.
Please also include the make and model you’ve used.

Has Anyone Used Steam Cleaners On Their Floors?

I have tile and hardwood floors and I have been contemplating getting a steam floor cleaner to use on them. I like the idea of steam cleaning because of the sanitation and not using harsh chemicals. My tile floors are impossilbe to keep clean. Has anyone ever used the floor steam cleaners, do they work, would you recommend them and if so what brand. Thanks

Shark Steam Cleaner