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In Cleaning Terms, What Is The Difference Between Vapor And Steam?

I do not understand the difference between steam cleaners|hw0001|hw0008&prev=hp!sf!dept!cat&ccm=hw|hw0001|hw0008

and vapor steam cleaners

Does Any One Knows If The Industrial Vapor Steam Cleaners Really Work?

Do you know if in the long term the cleaning they do is better than chemical based cleaning products?

Steam Vapor Cleaners – Have You Used One? Do You Own One?

I’ve been looking at the steam cleaners for household cleaning. I realize that they still require a wipe down after the steaming process…
what I’m wondering if if you own one or have used one, and what your opinion of them is, how well they work for that deep gunk, etc.
Please also include the make and model you’ve used.

Are Vapor Steam Cleaners As Good As The Review Below Says?

Vapor Steam Cleaners: Knowing What You Are Getting and Where It Came From

Shark Steam Cleaner