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How Do You Get Cat Pee Out Of A Water Proof Laptop Bag?

how do you get cat pee smell out of a water proof laptop bag
i have tried steam cleaning it. and using house cleaners around the house nothing seems to work.

How Do I Get Hard Water Stains Out Of Car Seat?

I spilled some plain old water on my cloth car seat on a hot summer day. Now there’s a water stain. I tried auto cleaners and steaming. It’s still there. I need a solution that won’t damage the sensor in the seat for the airbag. Any suggestions?

Is It Allright To Use Water To Clean My Carpet?

Items such as Steam cleaners , hot water , and or liquid sprays
to wall to wall carpeting

Review Steam Cleaners For Tile That Have Two Water Tanks?

I am not sure if this answer is what you are looking for. But I have rented a steam cleaner before to clean my floors with. I do not remember how many tanks it had, but I am pretty sure it had two. I rented it at Lowe’s and it did a fairly good job. I cleaned my floors first the best I could by myself and then used the steam cleaner. It made my floors look almost new. I have tile in my kitchen, dining room, laundry area, and in the bathrooms in the master suite and hall. It was so much better. I did have to clean the machine first though. They are supposed to be returned clean, but whoever had rented it before me, did not do this. That was my only complaint. I let the lady at Lowe’s know this after I returned it and got a a small refund back. I hope this was what you were looking for. Good luck and God Bless! :)

How Do Those Steam Clean Carpet Cleaners Help When They Use Water, Which Goes To The Carpet Padding?

What about mold growth? All the water does not get “sucked” out because the carpet stays wet.

Shark Steam Cleaner