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Do Those Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners Really Work Well?

I have some minor dirt stains in my beige carpet from my kids. Not such a big deal that I want to replace carpet but I’d like to deep clean it for the holidays. I purchased a steam cleaner from Walmart and I wasn’t impressed. My last resort is to rent a rug doctor. Just wanted to get anybody’s opinion whose used one before. Thanks.

I Am Looking For A Versatile Steam Cleaner That Can Do Floors As Well As Detail Kitchen And Bathroom Cleaning.?

I have looked at several steam cleaners. I need one that will do a great job on tile, hardwood and carpet. The Haan supposedly leaves the carpet dry, and I like that very much. It also has an optional short handle that allows you to clean upholstery and bedding—something that I need for a child who has asthma. But it doesn’t seem to do the detail bathroom and kitchen cleaning that I am also looking for.
A friend who has one of the Monsters swears by its ability to clean the kitchen. She even steam cleans the inside of her oven with it. I need a product that does both detail cleaning and floors.
Does anyone have any success stories? I am a single, working mom. The cleaner needs to be affordable and easy to use.

Do Steam Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners Work As Well As A Rental From The Grocery Store Or Hiring Someone?

IF it’s worth the investment, do people have suggestions on which to buy?

Do Steam Cleaners Work Well To Clean Tile Grout?

I’m considering getting a Euroflex Monster SC-55 model. Any pros or cons on this model?

Portable Steam Cleaners – Do They Really Work Well?

I have seen these portable steam cleaners on QVC and the Home Shopping Channel advertised and I’m just skeptical as to whether they would work and how long the machine would last. Anybody have any feedback on these things? thanks

Shark Steam Cleaner