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What Is Dry Cleaning??? How Is It Done????

does your clothes actually get washed when you dry clean it?
do they spray it?
do they steam it?
i brought my coat to them a few years ago and it had some crumbs embeded on the collar of the coat

when i got it back from the cleaners the crumbs were still there but the coat smelt like the inside of the shop as though they had done something to it
did they clean it, i honestly dont know because other than the way it smelt there was no sign it did get cleaned
so how does it get clean?

What Is The Best Way To Get Red Dye Out Of Carpet?

My child spilled red cherry koolaid on my freshly shampooed carpets. I have ran the steam cleaner over it several time and have left it there sitting even to remove the stain to no avail. We initially tried that oxyclean stain remover and that just made it worse. I’ve seen ads for cleaners that are specifically for red dye removal but there pricey (usually 20 bucks a bottle). Is there a cheaper way without ruining the fibers of the carpet. Help!!! Thanks!!!

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaner In Your Opinion?

I have steam cleaned my carpet 3 times and still cant get stains out. Any suggestions on good cleaners?

Ok What Exactly Should You Do If You Accidentally Inhale Bathroom Cleaners / Bleach?

I don’t want to go to a doctor unless it doesn’t get better. It was bathroom products that contained bleach (yes I had the windows open) it was either that or mold.. either way what should I do? Is it better to drink something or not drink something? I heard it’s good to inhale steam or is that actually worse? PLEASE give me links if you can – I can’t find any

My Cat Peed On Our Carpet And The Smell Wont Go Away. What Do We Do Now?

Like i said before our cat peed on our livingroom carpet and the smell wont go away. We used carpet cleaners and a small steam cleaner. But the smell is still there. What do we do to get rid of it?

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