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Where Do I Look For A Thorough House Cleaning?

I searched for house cleaners in my area, but most results returned basic maid service (dusting/vacuuming). I need a full team to come and “redo the place.”
I just moved home from college for the summer. My parents house is a mess. They both work full time, and do not have the time (or when they do; the energy) to clean the house. Furthermore they have two dogs that are NOT house trained. The whole house smells like dog urine and…fecal matter.
I am looking for a cleaning team to come and move the furniture, scrub the floors, deep steam clean the carpet/upholstery, take stuff off shelves, clean shelves, disinfect kitchen/bathroom, etc. (Everything involved in rejuvenating a house that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in years).
So as you can see, I need more than just a maid, but I do not know what I would search for. What kind of business should I be contacting? How much am I looking to pay for this? How do I find a reputable company that I don’t have to worry about stealing stuff?

Where Do You Get A Special Occasion Dress Steamed? Dry Cleaners? Will They Do It Same Day?cost?

yup. u got it.. dry cleaners… just ask around and find one that will do it the same day. u’ll usually have to take it early that day so u can get it that nite! idunno abt price though. it depends. good luck

Where Can I Buy A Clothing Press For My Home Like The Ones You See In A Dry Cleaners?

This is a steam press that operates like a clam shell, the top pulls down onto the bottom.

Where To Find Regina Steam Cleaners In Hot Springs, Ar?

Need carpet cleaning supplies for Regina Steam Cleaner
in Hot Springs, AR

Where Can I Find Portable Steam Cleaners In Canada?

Good Morning.
There are these stores thoughout the bigger malls called
The one here in Toronto is at the Eaton’s Centre.
(416) 598-9263
They have items like the Shark steamer and the Tobi.
There is also Ebay
Where you can find most anything anytime…… RIGHT here in Canada.
Best of Luck

Shark Steam Cleaner