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Carpet Washers, Which Is Best?

I am in desperate need of a carpet washer or steam cleaner.
My 3 year old makes a terrible mess on our light sandy coloured room is the 1st room you walk into through the front door.
I have tried a couple of steam cleaners, which was borrowed from friends. I found them to be very hard work and a full days job.
The carpet is heavy stained from spilt juice etc.
Are the shampooing type effective?
Can anyone recommend a really good carpet cleaner?

My Sofa (couch, Chesterfield, Etc) Needs Cleaning. Which Is Better, Steam Or Dry Cleaning?

Of course the question makes no sense, but there wasn’t enough room. The coverings of the pillow and seat cushions can be removed and sent to the dry cleaners. Then I could simply have the rest of it steam-cleaned. But my question is, should I have everything steam cleaned? Will there be a difference if I steam clean part and dry clean the rest? Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning? Any help would be appreciated.

Dry Cleaner/launderers Versus Self-laundering With Steam Press. Which Is Better?

I usually take men’s dress shirts to the cleaners to be laundered. Sometimes, the buttons get crushed/cracked. I’m now thinking of laundering my own shirts and purchasing either a steam press or a steamer. Any thoughts on which will work best? I’m NOT very good at ironing so ease of use is key.
I don’t use starch on my shirts.

How Do Those Steam Clean Carpet Cleaners Help When They Use Water, Which Goes To The Carpet Padding?

What about mold growth? All the water does not get “sucked” out because the carpet stays wet.

Are Carpet Steam Cleaners Any Good And Which One Should I Get?

I’m moving out on my own and I want to do a thorough carpet cleaning of the new apartment before I move in. I really don’t want a cleaner with too many bags and one that makes you buy expensive cleaning things all the time.

Shark Steam Cleaner