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After Steam Cleaning A Carpet Will The Cleaning Agents Cause It To Glow Under A Blacklight?

My former apartment management is tying to charge me $1700 to replace the carpet in the apartment i lived in because according to them, “the whole entire carpet glowed when they performed a blacklight inspection.” I did have a pet in the apt and yes he did mess on the carpet a time or 3. I purchased a hoover steam cleaner and detergent before checking out and cleaned the carpets 2x before the inspection. Once in the morning the day of the inspection. when this was accomplished the carpet was in better condition then when i moved in. I was informed that the carpet may have been slightly damp and that along with the cleaners could have caused the carpet to glow. Any advice that any one can give would be greatly appreciated.

Where Do You Get A Special Occasion Dress Steamed? Dry Cleaners? Will They Do It Same Day?cost?

yup. u got it.. dry cleaners… just ask around and find one that will do it the same day. u’ll usually have to take it early that day so u can get it that nite! idunno abt price though. it depends. good luck

Can Marble Floor Be Maintained With Steam Cleaners? On Daily Usage Will It Increase The Pores Of The Floor?

steam cleaners are best and natural way to clean with just use of only water and not chemicals so no pollution and removes dirt effectively.after vaccuming the house instead of mopping and spreading chemical and dirt every where this steam cleaner becomes handy for natural way of cleaning.

Will Steam Cleaning My Hardwood Floors Cause Any Damage?

I just purchased a Shark hard surface steam cleaner. My hardwood floors have been refinished about 8 years ago and are still in very good condition.
Perhaps some one out there can share their experiences with other uses for the hard surface steam cleaner as well. The shark owner’s manual is very short without too many tips or precautions.

Will Shark Steam Cleaner Kill Germs?

can you use a little bleach in the hand held steamcleaner to kill germs

Shark Steam Cleaner