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Buying Steam Cleaners For Wood Floor/tile/carpet/windows?

Does anyone have a steam cleaner that they love? Pros and cons of steam cleaners you’ve tried?

How Do I Clean My Wood Floor?

We just got brand new wood floors in our house. They are engineered wood floors. They are made by elegance exotic. I understand that these floors have aluminium oxide wear surfaces. I dont know what this mean and what care we should follow. For instance, can I use the SHARK steam mop on this floor. I also wondered if I can use Murphy oil soap. or what other product is good for this “aluminium surface” finish. Thanks for any help.

How Can I Have Streak Free Laminate Wood Floors?

I moppped, I Swiffer-ed, I sponge-mopped, I went as far as buying the Shark Steam Mop today. DOES ANYTHING leave laminate floors streak free?!?!?! I thought the Shark Steam Mop was the answer, fast drying ……BLAH BLAH BLAH! Still left water lines all over! Is there a screct to clean laminate floors without water lines?! And these floors were supposed to be SO EASY TO CARE FOR. HA!

Is Anyone Familiar With The Shark Wood Floor Steam Cleaner?

How well does it clean wood or tile floors?

Shark Steam Cleaner