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Do Those Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners Really Work Well?

I have some minor dirt stains in my beige carpet from my kids. Not such a big deal that I want to replace carpet but I’d like to deep clean it for the holidays. I purchased a steam cleaner from Walmart and I wasn’t impressed. My last resort is to rent a rug doctor. Just wanted to get anybody’s opinion whose used one before. Thanks.

What Do You Do If Say You Work At A Dry Cleaners ?

And the Girl next to you stepped on the steam petal to the puffer and one of her big boobs was on it.

Shark Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Does It Really Work?

I’m thinking of buying one of those Shark Steam Cleaners and wondering if they really get the job one well or if it’s more work than with just a regular mop? Do you have to rinse out the pad every time or buy a new one? How long before the steam runs out?

How Do Steam Cleaners Work?

hi i’m thinking of buying a steam cleaner, any ideas on which one to get and how do they actually work. i dont want to pay a fortune for one

Do Steam Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners Work As Well As A Rental From The Grocery Store Or Hiring Someone?

IF it’s worth the investment, do people have suggestions on which to buy?

Shark Steam Cleaner