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I’m Moving Into A New House And Would Like To Have It Professionally Cleaned.?

what all are the services i should ask for in getting it cleaned? duct cleaning, windows? steam cleaning or dry cleaning carpets? do the cleaners do sealing also?

Are Steam Cleaners Heated? When Would One Choose One Over A Non-heated Carpet Extractor?

the “heated” cleaners only keep the hot water hot longer. It may be just me but I don’t find it necessary. I don’t have a heater element for my steamcleaner. I always managed to get through a tank of hot water before the water cools too much. If you have a larger area to clean or find yourself constantly being interupted or needing to move things then a heated tank might be a good idea. I have an older hoover model. It still works beautifully.

Would You Ever Buy Anything Not Sold By Billy Mays?!?!?

The Incomplete List:
* Aquapel
* Awesome Auger Ground Auger, Weed Auger
* Bedazzler
* Big City Slider Station
* Black Swan Furniture
* Bloomin’ Onion Maker
* Buddy Putty
* Calcium Lime Rust
* Currie Motors Chrysler Credit Hotline
* Cutco Kitchenware
* Ding King automotive dent remover
* Easy Off Bam!
* Energize energy supplement
* EngraveIt
* FixIt car scratch remover
* FoneFree wireless cellphone headset
* Foodsaver
* FreeFone wireless phone holder
* Gopher reach extending tool
* Handy Switch
* Hercules Hook wall hangers
* iCan Benefit Group, LLC
* Kaboom!
* Lint-B-Gone lint brush
* Liquid Diamond car waxing product
* Mantis Roto-Tiller
* Micro-Men Duster
* Mighty Mend It
* Mighty Putty
* Never-Scrub tile cleaner
* Orange Clean, Orange Glo
* OxiClean
* Quik Strip wire stripping tool
* Ragazzi’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
* Samurai Shark knife sharpener
* Sandstrom OnTV
* Sealtite Tire Sealant
* Simoniz Fix It Scratch Remover
* Slider Station Burger Maker
* Steam Buddy
* Street Options Auto Accessories
* Swiffer SweeperVac
* Tommy and Rumble
* Turbo Tiger vacuum cleaner
* Vidalia Chop-it
* Vidalia Slice-it
* Vidalia Slice Wizard
* Zorbeez absorbent towels
What else is there?!

Would You Recommed Buying A Shark Steam Cleaner —-?

I personally hated mine luckliy I bought form a local Wal-mart and returned it when I figured out it was a piece of crap. I tried to steam wrinkles out of a cotton dress shirt could of done just as good of a job handin git in the bathroom during a hot shower. and it didn’t do anything for helping clean the shower, tub or sink. If you must try for your self buy from somewhere that you can easily return too.

Shark Steam Cleaner